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Any Brand, Any Model, We Fix All Laptops & Computers!
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We take your I.T. Problems & Turn them into I.T. Solutions.


We proudly offer IT Support Services to Residential Users, Small and Medium size businesses in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We offer a high level of friendly, personalized IT services to our valued clients. You can book your onsite visit yourself within your time frame 7 days a week. We will look after your whole IT Infrastructure machines remotely. Our fully equipped lab has all the necessary tools to test and replace any computer or laptop faulty part.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

In this digital world, computer and laptops are our new safes where we store all our important information. With new technologies comes new ways to save our precious data but there are always chances and situations where your data is at the risk of corruption. It can be a real nightmare because all our personal or professional data, may be at the edge of getting lost forever. For those who have lost their data in the past know, how the pain of losing precious information. But fear not as we offer Hard Drive Data Recovery in GTA.

Virus, Malware AdwareSolutions

As the world is becoming more and more digital, the chances of virus attack on computer have increased. All IT devices are at the risk of virus infection. The new viruses are more advance and can easily bypass the O.S security. If your computer’s performance is uneven, like strange Windows messages, anti-virus software disabled automatically, slow computer performance or difficulties in accessing common websites, then it might be infected with a computer virus.
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AVAILABLE 24 HOURS What are you waiting for ? Contact us or Book an Technician yourself. You will get response right away for your urgent issue(s).


  • Same Day Services in GTA
  • Seven Days a Week
  • Free Estimates
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Environment Friendly Service
  • No Callout Fee in GTA
  • Best Quality Service
  • Senior Discount 15%
  • Free Antivirus Software
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Our work gives Total Satisfaction & Peace of Mind.

Our Certified Technicians Can Repair Major Brand Laptops & Computers !