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IT Services


We can reach you out by three ways Remote, Onsite and In-Lab IT repair services for all our valuable customers. We do our best to repair your issue remotely, at your premises to minimize the delay. That’s way, our engineer used to keep generic computers parts with them for quick replacement but in some cases, we have to bring the faulty computer to our lab to analyze and perform a number of test on it or if the job cannot be completed due to the shortage of time. We pick up the faulty laptop and deliver it to the owner after repairing in our lab. Our fully equipped lab has all the necessary tools to test and replace any computer, laptop faulty part(s).
We are the best when it comes to onsite PC or laptop repairing service in GTA. We get regular calls for onsite computer repair from nearby areas of Toronto, York, Mississauga, Brampton, Durham, Barrie and Peel regions cities. We know that your prime concern about repairing services is cost and time to finish the job. Our experts give you the total estimated price according to your repair work. We are the Best because we offer the best computer repair in your area at the most economical fee with complete customer satisfaction.

Most of the time, we repair and configure your computer onsite to avoid any further delay.

Remote support available for those clients whose PC works well but with some application errors.

Our technician will pickup the faulty PC or Laptop on given time and deliver it after fixing in Office lab.

Our Certified Technicians Can Repair Major Brand Laptops & Smart Phones !

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Our Experienced technicians can reach you out promptly and can fix Windows and MAC Laptops. Make your computer faster by removing viruses, repairing OS or replacing its faulty part. We are here to help you, get your infected computer back to healthy state. Get complete details of repair services for your PC, Mobile Phones and Laptops.

Internet is a place for information with millions of websites. An endless pool of knowledge but it has also become a place full of shady websites that infect your PC, laptop, tablet even mobiles with viruses and steal your data. We will guide and teach you how to avoid viruses and setup high security in your home and business area.

Our technicians try to provide you the maximum knowledge about IT products we use and how to protect your machine from different viruses, spyware and malware in long run. We are here to help you get your infected computer back to healthy state. We do our best to repair your item remotely, onsite to minimize the delay.

Every office or home has at least one computer and smart phones. Data management is a proper job to store your data in right location and makes it available 24 hours for you. We offer a right data backup and protection plan to protect your data according to your budget.

We are here to help small or medium size companies on the continuous or on-demand basis. You will get per hour bill plus free remote support hours every month and special discount on all jobs you request once you sign-up the IT contract. We keep simple and affordable bill for every company.

We offer laptop screen replacement service means you will get your broken screen replaced onsite at your office. We can order the screen if not in stock and have it replaced ASAP onsite or in the lab. We have registered with many screen manufacturer companies in North America. Hassle free fix onsite.

An organization have minimum a server for central data storage and users’s right, router to connect to the organization’s computers and central printer. We can maintain, troubleshoot, and secure your IT infrastructure (PCs) in a proactive way (remotely & onsite) to avoid any surprises.

Our experienced certified IT support team will try their best to recover the data from the faulty smart device. Our success ratio in data recovery is very high because of its deep knowledge and experience. We have recovered customer data in many cases on-site and in-lab.

We have extensive experience in recovering the data from faulty computer’s hard drive, USB Pen drives, passport drives and SD phone cards etc. Our success ratio is very high but no body gives warranty until observe and analyze the sensitivity of the faulty item.

Our Certified Technicians Can Repair Major Brand Laptops & Smart Phones !

Call Now to Discuss… 1-844-314-4000